1 a . SOLAR PCU  850va ( for new generation )

a supreame5


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   sp-850-va = 11300  now = 7700 rs  ( save 3600)


  • Intelligent battery charging algorithm
  • working from sun-electricity-battery  ( good for home- office – Schools / Educational Institutions,Super Markets/ Shopping Malls.Computer,Fan,Tube Light,Television.Home Theater,Scanner.Hospitals, Restaurants and Hotels.)
  • Equipped with DC load controller & LVD feature
  • Equipped with charging current & battery selection
  • Equipped with all required electrical protections
  • Highly efficient with all inbuilt electrical protections.
  • Increased battery protection, long and consistent back-up.
  • Preferential charging from solar to reduce commercial mains usage, saves money.
  • 24 month warranty

Key Features:

  • supreame Solar Home UPS, Capacity: 850VA.
  • Front Panel Display Indications: Switch On, UPS On, Battery Low, Mains ON, Battery Charging, Solar, Overload, i-Charge, DC Load Indications.backup …
  • Audible Alarm Indications: Inverter ON, Battery Low, Overload, Short Circuit.

Product Specifications

Type of product-Solar Inverter
Voltage(V)-12 V-
Wave Type-Sine Wave
Output Frequency-50Hz ± 0.5 Hz
It Ensures Lesser Battery Charging Time and Minimum Commercial Mains Utilization.