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Type of Collector: Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC)
Specifications: 47 – 1800 mm or 58 – 1800 mm
Inner Tank Materials: High grade Stainless Steel
Outer Tank Materials: INNER Stainless Steel
Temperature: 65 degree C to 90 degree C
Method of Welding: Seam less and Non Welding Technology
Tank Insulation: High quality PUF materials
Tank Volume: 250 Ltr. 24 set  =6000
Frame Angle: 27 degrees
Stand Frame: Galvanized Powder Coated
Type of Circulation: Thermo Siphon
Type of Grommets: Silicon Rubbers

We offer Vacuum Tube High Efficiency Solar Collectors with PUF insulated Solar Water Tanks. Our tanks are also equipped with Assistant Tanks to prevent Hot and Cold water mixing – thereby increasing the efficiency of the systems. All our systems come

with PUF Insulated High Grade Stainless Steel for the inner tanks with the external tanks being powder coated/Stainless Steel for increased life and aesthetics. This gives us the confidence to back our products with world class guarantees and warranties. Our systems come with All India 5 years’ replacement guarantee and 15 years warranty for the Vacuum Tubes.
100LPD to 500LPD

Product Model No Powder Coated & Stainless Steel
Features No scale formation No pipe blockage High density compressed PUF Insulation to store hot water for upto 72 hrs.
Specifications Tube Specifications – 47-1800mm or 58-1800mm Inner Tank Material – Stainless Steel L grade 304 Tank Insulation – PUF 50mm-  TUBE 600 PCS
assistant tang free
Warranty : 5 years